Forever Jewelry, or Permanent Jewelry, is clasp-less jewelry custom fitted & micro-welded around your wrist, ankle, or neck. Personalize your forever piece with your favorite chain, add charms, and enjoy your jewelry for years to come! We like to think of Forever Jewelry as a less “permanent” tattoo - a personalized decoration that can last as long as you want and can simply be cut off when you’re ready to remove it (if ever!)

The whole process only takes about 10-15 minutes! Here’s how it works:

  • complete a short waiver which explains our policies and important safety procedures
  • browse our chain selections (over 20+ chains to choose from), try them on, and select your favorite(s)!
  • you may also choose from our charm selection that includes birthstones, hearts, and celestial charms
  • we will size the jewelry to your liking
  • we use a completely safe micro-welder to join the two of ends of the chain together - there is a quick sparkle, and you’re done!

Not at all! It's a quick sparkle that is totally painless! Our micro-welder is specifically designed to only react with metal, and a strip of protective leather will be placed between your skin and the jewelry piece.We do require a short waiver to explain the process and keep you safe.

All our options are waterproof, hypoallergenic, and nickel-free. We offer different tiers that balance quality and affordability, and a choice between gold and silver.

14k Solid Gold - a timeless staple, solid gold will last a lifetime. The highest quality jewelry that is tarnish-resistant and made to last generations. The perfect heirloom forever piece - you can even add a clasp later to extend its longevity. Bracelet prices range between $95-$140.

Gold Fill - the more affordable alternative to solid gold. Gold fill is a thick layer of solid gold bonded over high quality jeweler’s brass. There is 100x more solid gold than gold plating! This means that it has all the benefits of solid gold from the outer layer, but will wear down over time. You can expect gold fill to last years, but it will fade over the years. Prices for bracelets range from $55-$75.

Sterling Silver - for all our silver lovers, sterling silver is the highest quality option below solid white gold. All sterling silver does tarnish (darken) over time, but can be cleaned and polished to lengthen its shine. This is our most affordable option, prices range from $45-$65.

If you want or need to remove your Forever Jewelry, simply cut your jewelry at the welded link with scissors or nail clippers and save the chain. We charge a $15 fee for re-welds, and can also add a clasp to make it removable.

Yes! TSA permits you to wear all jewelry through security so you’re free to take your jewelry all over the world!

Talk to your doctor to see if they require your jewelry to be removed. Depending on the nature and location, you may be able to keep your jewelry on. If it must be removed, cut your chain at the welded link and save the chain. We charge a re-weld fee of $15.

Although rare, your jewelry is a dainty piece that is not indestructible. We offer a 60 day warranty with free repairs, then re-welds are $15. We are not liable for lost chains, and will need to be replaced at full price.

For safety reasons, your jewelry is designed to break at a certain point if pulled or stretched. It may be possible to resize your jewelry if stretched. If the structural integrity has been comprised, the chain will need to be replaced.

Yes, we offer 10% off when you buy 2 or more chains! This discount applies to individuals and cannot be combined with others in your party.

We also offer 20% off the birthstone charm of the month as a happy birthday to you!

We strive to offer a wide variety of chains (over 20+ options!) and charms. While we try to keep all our options in stock, inventory may vary by availability and may sell out at events.


We will host pop-ups at markets and businesses throughout the San Diego area. Our pop-up schedule will be posted here and on our Instagram!

We are based in North County San Diego - Oceanside, CA but willing to travel.

Yes! If you’re a business or event coordinator in the San Diego area and interested in hosting our Forever Jewelry, please contact us at shop@evorly.com. All we need is space to put a small table and two chairs - we can even provide our own power source if needed!

Yes, we’d love to be a party or your special event! Whether that’s a bachelorette, birthday, weddings, corporate event, girls night, or any special occasion - we’d love to be a part of your event! We do have a 6 person minimum.

Email us at shop@evorly.com with your proposed event date, location, number of guests, and any specific requests.

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